Difference: Bin Card and Stores Ledger Inventory Control Cost Accounting

It comprises of Bin Card and Stores Ledger, to keep track of various items. It lists the merchandise in a warehouse or storeroom and the location of each item. The card is also known as an inventory list, stock list, or product list.

They are both used to record the details of inventory transactions such as purchase, issue, and transfer. First, materials are issued for production from large bin. The “store ledger” is a great way to see how much inventory you have and what the prices are. By the accounting staff, to use as the basis for calculating the ending cost of inventory on hand. The ledger is a list of the items that are in a store.

It records items purchased as an increase to the inventory and items issued to the production department as a decrease to inventory so as to show the available inventory of that material at any given time. It is maintained by the person responsible for these assets, such as the warehouse manager. A stores ledger is particularly useful for maintaining a perpetual inventory system, since it tracks the current quantity of items on hand.

In the events of accounting for daily business purposes, an idea of manufacturing companies is that a “bin card” is like a rough book and “stores ledger” is like a book of school. Bin card only consist of quantitative details, i.e. only the quantity of material received, issued, returned and those in stock are recorded. Conversely, stores ledger keeps a record of both quantity and cost of material received, issued and at hand. Bin Card also called as ” Stock Card” or “Bin Tag” using to record all the receipts and issues of the stocks from the store department. This cards records the quantity of the materials and show the movements such as receipts, issues and balance of the materials.

  • Stores ledger contains particulars of materials both in terms of quantity and value.
  • A stores ledger is a record of the inventory that a company has on hand.
  • Store ledgers rely on evidence from both documents to make their cases for every transaction.
  • Function Facilitates physical verification of closing stock.

The difference between a credit card and a debit card is a debit card is for money that you place in your own bank account that can be withdrawn with a personal pin number. A credit card company lends the person money and charges interest. Both are used to maintain the accurate records of stock.

While issuing material, he must ensure that the material requisition slip is in order. The bin card is like a diary for the store’s receipts and issues. It has every transaction in the chronological order, which means that you can easily access recent balances by filtering through your past purchases on this one handy tool! The Store Keeper usually wears an important position of responsibility when maintaining his/her “bin-card”.

Content: Bin Card Vs Stores Ledger

By auditors, to see how well the company’s inventory records compare to its on-hand quantities. Bin Card contains only quantitative details of material received, issued and returned to stores. Entries in the stores ledger card are made by the stores clerks or stores accountant.

In Bin Card, postings are made before a transaction. Ask Any Difference is made to provide differences and comparisons of terms, products and services. The vision is to cover all differences with great depth. Explain valuation of issues and valuation of returns.

difference between bin card and store ledger

Normally posted just before the transaction takes place. Bin Cards and Store Ledger should be reconciled independently on the basis of documents that were used for entries. Stores ledger can easily supply the inventory value. Bin may be a place, rack, container, cupboard, room, hardboard cartoon etc where materials can be kept safe. Hey Guys, Myself Kumar Nirmal Prasad, a Teacher turned Full time Blogger and Investor.

Definition of Stores Ledger

On the other hand, the store ledger is made by the cost accounting department. In accounting, by the term “stores ledger” we understand that it is a document that shows the amount of quantity and value of the received, issued, and in balanced materials at the end. To each component of the material, “stores ledger” is assigned. There is a various level of stock stated in the “bin card”, such as maximum, minimum, and reorder level, etc. This official document also tends to maintain with loose leaf just like “store ledger”. In cost accounting, bin card refers to a recording document, whereas stores ledger indicates an accounting record.

A stores ledger is a record of all transactions related to the movement of goods in and out of a store or warehouse. While a bin card may only contain information about a specific item in a specific location, a stores ledger will contain information about all items in the store or warehouse and all transactions related to those items. https://1investing.in/ Bin cards and stores ledgers are two important tools used in retail businesses. Bin cards are used to track inventory, while stores ledgers are used to track sales. The main difference between bin card and stores ledger is that bin cards track inventory on a per-item basis, while stores ledgers track sales on a per-sale basis.

Bin Card and Stores Ledger Differences

The storekeeper is responsible for recording every receipts and issue of stock from the store. Bin Card only record the quantity of the stock where store ledger maintain both quantity and value of the materials. As Bin Card updated during difference between bin card and store ledger every receipts and issue, the stock of particular items can easily find out. In a Bin Card the Level of Stock such as Maximum, Minimum and Reorder Level are clearly stated. Like Store Ledger, this document also maintain with loose leaf.

They both contain information about the items in inventory, such as item description, quantity on hand, and unit of measure. Store Ledger is record of both quantities and values but Bin cards is record of quantities only. The basic objective of two bin systems is to provide uniform delivery of materials for production. Materials of small bin will be issued only when materials of larger bin is completely issued. Bin card is a document that records the status of goods held in a stock room.

difference between bin card and store ledger

Bin cards can help to improve waste management by providing an accurate record of what is being thrown away. They can also be used to track the performance of different waste collection services. Bin card and stores ledger can be maintained by regularly updating the information on them, checking for errors and discrepancies, and reconciling the data with physical inventory counts.

Similarities between Bin Card and Stores Ledger

In some concerns stores ledgers are maintained as a bound volume which rules out the possibility of loss of folios. If we want to summarize, a bin card- the record of goods that have been stored in stock. Bin cards are documents to keep track of the balance and values for material items.


Bin card and stores ledger can be kept updated by regularly recording new transactions and reconciling the data with physical inventory counts. Bin Card is not capable of providing closing stock value for the preparation of financial profit and loss statements. Diversely store ledger is capable of providing closing stock value to prepare financial profit and loss account. When it comes to the companies, “bin” is there but it crosses their limit and the reason behind why the company maintains “bin card” that keep records the number of goods that are received, issued, and balanced. The storekeeper while issuing material posts these requisition in the bin cards and sends the first copy of the requisitions slip to the Stores Accounting Section and retains the second copy with him for future record.

Bin card possesses the specifics of goods only in terms of keeping a score of the quantity. On the other hand, stores ledger has particulars of materials in terms of both quantity and value. We use a “bin card” for every item of goods. On the bin card, every receipt and issue is kept in chronological order and the recent balance is exposed after each receipt and issue. Bin card is maintained by a storekeeper whereas store ledger is maintained by the cost accountant. In the case of bin card, each transaction is recorded separately, but in stores, ledger transactions are tracked in summarized form.

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