BSc (Hons) in corporate Computing

Business computing is a application of software to businesses. It is used to support many business activities which includes sales, production and advertising. It is also a good tool for the purpose of delivering organisational solutions, and also helping organisations to increase and develop.

In a active and changing world, firms and organisations are ever more reliant on computer technology for their experditions. They need people who can craft robust, reputable and useful systems that drive their very own organisational desired goals.

Our BSc (Hons) running a business Computing course offers a practical and relevant approach to organization computing, producing the skills and knowledge that you need for a job working inside an industry-leading software sector. You might supported by UWE Bristol’s architectural and computing partner companies, with guest academics and job placement opportunities available to you.

The essence this level is to provide you with students with a extensive understanding of software and organization knowledge so that they can design and style, build and enhance applications and program systems. The course protects topics including networking and security, databases, data constructions and systems.

Your research will include a blend of practical lab sessions and lectures, employing current standards of business processing. You’ll learn to apply information system conditions and principles, as well as how to use a spreadsheet, word absorbing in-game currency and presentation software.

Successful completion on this programme gets you a Certificate of Achievement in Business Calculating, which is listed on your college transcript. It will eventually give future businesses and accès offices to colleges and professional corporations a clear sign that you have specialised training in organization computing.

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